"Humanitarian Negotiations Revealed: The MSF Experience" book cover
A collection of essays and case studies that explore the practical realities of humanitarian crises through MSF's rich experience in complex situations.
USA 2011 © Columbia University Press
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Humanitarian Negotiations Revealed: The MSF Experience

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  • Comments About the Book

    “A very good and extremely useful book...Clear, practical, and easy to read, the tone of the book is exceptional for its frank and public self-scrutiny.”

    买球电脑版—Dr. Hugo Slim, Oxford Institute of Ethics, Law, and Armed Conflict, University of Oxford

    “Thank goodness for MSF. Where else would we find such candor and self-criticism买球电脑版? Laid out here are...clear-eyed appraisals of how MSF tries, and sometimes fails, to respond with its principles intact. Let’s hope the other relief agencies are paying attention.”

    —Peter Gill, journalist and author of Famine and Foreigners: Ethiopia since Live Aid

    “This is a book about realism: the art of doing what’s possible in impossible situations, and preserving reputation and skills to provide relief in the next crisis, in the next country.”

    —Dr. Peter Walker, director of the Feinstein International Center, Tufts University

    “This brave and informative买球电脑版 book reconfirms MSF as an organization that thinks as well as acts.”

    买球电脑版—Mark Duffield, professor of development politics and director of the Global Insecurities Centre, University of Bristol

    买球电脑版“[The book] brings out the perennial dangers of silence and stresses the continuing need to highlight the hidden victims of ‘just wars’ (whether these are civil wars, Western wars, or both).”

    买球电脑版—David Keen, Professor of Conflict Studies, London School of Economics and Political Science